Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cinco De Mayo swap….

You know, I just posted this. Even got a comment on it and then it disappeared. I can’t find it in my live writer, I can’t find it on my blog. It’s gone. Weird, very very weird. So here I am for the second time reposting it because I want Jerrica and Lisa to know how much fun we had and I just don’t know if they’ll see the pictures if I don’t do it again. So if you all see this twice, please just ignore it….if not please enjoy!!

Yesterday we got this huge box in the mail, it almost didn’t fit in the mailbox. The kids were so excited and could barely get to the house before we got to open the box. The kids helped me open the box and got to see all the cute and tasty goodies inside.



Before I even got the garage thrown away they were wanting to taste my goodies.


This is what all of the goodies looked like.


Jerrica was the host of this wonderful swap and Lisa was my partner. This really was a fun swap. I learned a bit about Cinco De Mayo and also found a few really neat things to share.

Thank you to both Jerrica and Lisa for such a great fun idea and event.

Take care my friends and again I’m sorry if this is out in blog land twice. Somehow I screwed up but then again I about as far from perfect as anyone can be. I just do my best and let the Lord do the rest.

God bless you all. Have a great and wonderful afternoon.


Nf1andprek-whisper said...

so glad you liked it, it was a fun swap. I am hoping to do a swap this summer. I love ideas like that, I had purchased you 2 margarita glasses and margarita mix, only to find out you dont' drink so I took them back and got you the cutting board Hope you like guacamole, some people dont' if not sorry, I LOVE IT save it for guests LOL

jerricapuck said...

I'm so thrilled that you had a good time. I wish I could have participated in it, but maybe next time.
I'm just glad that people wanted to join -- and it looks like you received quite a few wonderful goodies.

Holly said...

FUN...I just did a swap too...waiting on my package...I am so excited. Love a cinco de mayo swap...yum...chips and salsa.

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie - I'm keeping Cindy in my prayers today. :)

Looks like you had fun with your swap! My crew wouldn't have made it past the garage with those goodies!!

Brittany Ciara said...

Looks like a really fun Cinco de Mayo celebration just sitting there on your table! Glad you enjoyed it hehe. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today. It was really nice to hear such sweet words. Many blessings.