Monday, April 26, 2010

Photo Tag….

Jenna from MN Small Town Mom has tagged me with a game and I’m going to play. It’s time to do a bit more then just posting and sharing, it’s play time. So the rules at to take a photo from your 8th folder and the 8th picture and share it, then post a story with the picture and finally tag 8 people to play along. So without much more chatting here’s my picture….


Boy was I glad it was something good instead of one of those opps pictures or “do I have to share that one?”. This picture is one of Rachel and Abby with our critters we are sharing with another daycare in New York. Let me introduce you all to Space Monkey, Mr. Rabbit, Mr. Monkey and the newest member, Mr. Monkey’s brother wee one Monkey. Ms. Sally from New York does daycare and she has always had Mr. Rabbit and we here have always had Mr. Monkey and one year Mr. Monkey went to New York and had some huge adventures and meet Mr. Space Monkey and from there things just snowballed. Ms. Sally has written a small story that goes with the animals and this year we’ll write ours and then send it back to her for another visit. Austin is the Cabbage Patch doll that Rachel (the oldest) has carried since a baby and Abby has a collect that’s different each time she comes.

So there’s my 8 and 8. For the 8 people I’m going to pick, well let’s see….

1. Kim 

2. Mumbai

3. Sushmita Jha

4. Jodi

5. Mari

6. Grammy


8. April 

So now it’s your turn girls. It’s pretty easy and it’s always so much fun to share our pictures.

We had a good morning outside playing and I was also able to carry almost a 1/2 cord of wood while the kids played on the slide. I need to exercise this afternoon and then I’m going to at least learn to thread my new sewing machine. Maybe get to sew or practice sewing something.

Take care my friends, have a blessed afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Oh this was fun :) I will try and do this too. Thank You Julie, for tagging me!

Whenever you do write your animal story, make sure you post it here too! Hugs.

Flying high in the sky.... said...

:) i will try my best to keep the game going... :)

Anonymous said...

What a great story. Photo tags are fun. If you didn't already get tagged, I would have tagged you. I got tagged today and will post mine on Sat.

Flying high in the sky.... said...

hello!!! i am thru...i finally executed the assignment :) haa..haa.... tagged 4 friends of mine ( i do not have network of 8 friends :) ) and posted a story... hope i have not let you down :) take care and keep smiling ...

Flying high in the sky.... said...

have been praying for you and Cindy everyday....take care