Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day….


Photo from my Mother Earth daily news report.

Today is Earth Day. Do you have anything special planned? I didn’t plan anything super special with the kids or anything. We already do a lot to help the earth. I do have to admit we drive suburban's and have no intention of driving anything smaller. We have a small fleet of them, 4 to be exact but we don’t speed and we take good care of them so they don’t add to much to the world mess. I read that the Meteor Shower started on the 16th of April and will continue until the 25th so I thinking tonight  Mike and I will get up about 1:00 am and just see how much of the Meteor Shower we can see. I remember back when Mike was about 8 or so we got up in the cold fall season and watched an amazing shower. Mike still remembers that night.

We all need to do our best to help the environment. I really don’t believe in a lot of what people say but we do need to just take care of what we have. Just do our best.

I have been using a lot more “green” products for cleaning and have been making my own for a while too. We use a lot of Terri’s natural products made from herbs and goats milk and other natural ingredients. Of course like lots of people I am not perfect and have a few things I just can’t change or haven’t yet but you never know, I just might find something that works as good and smells great too.

I bought two tomato plants yesterday, it’s really way to early to plant them but I’m going to cheat. I have a toy box in the shape of a dinosaur that I’ve used for a planter for years and I’m going to take a tomato cage, wrap it in shrink wrap (like a little hot house) and keep it safe up here at the house. When it gets cold I’ll give it a warm water bottle and cover it up and just maybe we can have some tomatoes early this year. But I won’t hold my breath, this is Minnesota and we could have a snow storm still. We’ll just see.

Well it’s time to head outside, I’ll talk to you all this weekend. Take care and God Bless!!!!


Kim said...

You'll have to tell me how the meteor shower is - can't say I'll be getting But thanks for the reminder - and your ring is beautiful!!!

Grammy said...

Hope you get to see the meteor shower.I watched it one night about ten or eleven years ago with a young lady who was in high school and was staying with us as an exchange student from Taiwan. We had a lot of fun standing out there at midnight or one a.m. watching the meteors fall.

Flying high in the sky.... said...

:) enjoy :)