Thursday, April 29, 2010

One sad and one happy….

So which do you want to hear first? I think I’ll start out with the sad and then end with the happy. It’ll leave a better feeling that way.

Remember Cleo? Mama’s best friend?? She’s the pretty lady on the right, the beautiful one on the left is my mama.


She passed away on Tuesday. Her funeral is next Wednesday. Mama is heart broken. I don’t know what to do for mama. I’ll just be here and cry when she does because I know she’s hurting. Cleo is her third best friend, all have died and left her alone. Please pray for mama and peace in her heart. Cleo is in a better place, it’s just who’s left that it hurts so much. Her husband is a sweet man and Cleo was the love of his life. Please pray for Richard also.


Now the happy.


Cindy went to her doctors. Yesterday to her liver doctor who says she’s doing just fine. She’s still on the transplant list but like at the bottom, they’ll check her again in 6 months and see how all is going.

She also saw her regular doctor today and instead of a bone marrow test they did a bone density test, her doctors in the cities said she didn’t have to go through the painful marrow test, they could find out what they need to from the density test. No results on that yet but…. love the but.?.  All her blood work up came back normal or really close. Her red blood count, her white blood count are back in the right range. She’s on some strong antibiotics for a long time and has a long was to go but she’s healing, she’s getting stronger and better. She still has lots of issues but one at a time. It’s all because of all your prayers, your support and your love that the Lord saw just how much we still need her and how much she’s loved. Thank you all.

So there’s the promised updates. One day at a times, that’s all we can handle anyways.

Take care my friends and thank you for everything. God Bless you all!


Jodi said...

Awww, I'm sorry about Cleo! That is so sad. I will pray for your Mama and Cleo's hubby. ♥

Flying high in the sky.... said...

May God grant strength and peace to your mother ...May Cleo be in peace and meet all her beloved up there...amidst loads and peace and happiness..

and i am extremely excited about CINDYYYYYY...wowwwwwww....God bless... and may she keep healing and recovering soon..and fast ...

take care and keep smiling..

Feeling Just Right said...

I'm grateful to you for giving the sad news first. It made my hair stand on end. I am so terribly sorry for your mum. I hope her friend is safe, warm, happy, loved and peaceful where she is. Tell the mother not to hurt too much. Her friend will just get upset. She surely can't want that. Just thinking of her with all of her love is going to make Cleo feel beautiful. Tell your mum i said that. (hoping she knows me by now!) Warm hugs to both of you.

Love the news on Cindy. She sounds good! Just that i still don't know what she's got. God is good. Thank God for that!

Loads of love.