Saturday, April 10, 2010

Had to share these….

As you know daddy and I talk lots of walks together and lately I’ve been bring my camera with so I can see what I can find out there. Well lookie what I found on Friday’s walk….




Spring is finally here. I’ve been working in the garden getting all the stuff cleaned out of it from last fall. Burned up the dried up old plants and got rid of the root balls from the corn stalks and sunflowers. Now this weekend or early next week I’ll clean out the chicken coop and then get all that goodness in the garden and Jim can till it a good 3-4 times before planting season starts. If this weather keeps up I think the first part of May I’ll get my ground crops in, the ones that can handle a freeze at night. But first we need to make sure it will stay nice. We never get the real garden in until the Memorial weekend or so because up until then we can have snow, blizzards and or below freezing weather. Just not worth having to plant a garden over again because you rushed it.

Here’s my last picture to share. It’s our pond that we dug out many years ago and have been working on. I love the deep blue sky reflecting in it.


We got the pump uncovered and read to use now. This pond is a never ending pond, even in the worse part of the year when things are dry this pond is always full. It has an artesian spring in it that keeps it full, ice cold and fresh. We have put fish in there and every once in awhile they come to the dock and look at us. This year there’s a muskrat that thought he was going to make this place into his home but that didn’t work out to well with him when we have a beagle that says that pond is his. Wilbur spent the better part of two days barking, digging and rousting him out of there. Haven’t seen or heard anything now for a few days so hopefully that meant he moved down the ditch back to the lake.

So there’s my spring pictures for now. Even the grass is turning green just very slowly.

Take care my friends and have the most wonderful and blessed weekend possible.


Dee said...

Loved the pictures. Reminds me a bit of my before-home. Good memories of how it felt when spring started to appear...

Anonymous said...

Those purple flowers growing out of the wilderness look lovely!

The pond is your own? Wow! You must have a lot of free space!! I can't imagine having that much area around my house- cute! The fact that you dug it out yourself caught my eye- great job!

Holly said...

Love the flowers peeking out...yeah for Spring. A pond..I am jealous...I have always live in California on postage stamp sized plots...I dream of a bigger piece of land and my own pond.

I have a giveaway happening!

Happy weekend.

starnes family said...

I love signs of spring!!!!! Beautiful.

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

What a beautiful place to live! I love to garden and cleaned out my perennials this weekend, but no annuals until Memorial Day for me either. MN weather is tough!