Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring and more…

Today sure didn’t happen like it was planned. Remember I was going to take Justin shopping, McDonalds and to see the bunnies? Well as soon as I got to town mama called and Scott was sick at school and with Cindy in the hospital, her hubby there with her, my dad fishing with his friend and my mama not driving far she wasn’t sure what to do. So Justin and I ended up driving to Brainerd to get him, an hour the opposite way we were. It didn’t matter to either of us, Justin was just happy to have me to himself and I just go with the flow. So got to Scotts school and he had a cough I could hear coming down the hall so picked him up and took him home. I had planned on my home but on the way we met Cindy and Kevin. They released Cindy today. She has improved a little bit the past two days and her insurance company said as long as she’s improving she can do it at home. Even though the doctors have no real idea yet why she’s so sick. They sent her home with antibiotics and to just rest and try to get stronger and her doctor will see her next Thursday if he doesn’t see her back in the hospital before that. They didn’t do the bone marrow test either, she’s not strong enough for that so maybe next week if she gets better. Justin did get to go to McDonalds and play and also got his Happy Meal. He was ready for nap and I got his caked baked and ready for him. The kids came at 3:30 and his party began. I didn’t get to great a pictures this time but here’s a couple of Justin and his day.

100_1657 100_1667

It ended up being just a great day, though not what I had planned but still great.

Tonight Jim, Mike and I went for a long hike in the woods. Jim wanted to find the corner stakes, the survey markers. The total walk was about 3 miles up and down, over and under, around and though the woods. Guess what else, the ticks are out by the hundreds. I am pretty lucky, with my thyroid problems they don’t like me but both Jim and Mike got at least 30 ticks each. Wilbur got stuck by a porcupine so part way though the walk I had to get the quills out of his nose. He’s fine now just very tired. It was beautiful walk and so nice to be out with the guys. Usually it’s my dad and I that walk. Speaking of…see…..


This is my daddy and me. Here’s some of what daddy and I saw during last evenings walk.

100_1627 100_1642



Well that was today and the promised pictures. If Hannah is feeling better we’ll go see the bunnies tomorrow, if not next week will do too.

Take care everyone. Tomorrow is Friday Follow and New Friend Friday, click on the buttons on the right and they’ll take you right to where you need to go to sign up to meet and great some new friends. I so love Fridays, I so love new friends and I so love all my old ones and no so old ones. You guys are really terrific and so wonderful. I appreciate all your concern, love, support and prayers.

Have a great TGIF and a blessed weekend. 


Anonymous said...

Cindy is home! yay! keep feeding her. She'll need to up her immunity. Justin looks happy. That is fair with all that you pulled off today!

Your daddy looks happy with you. Very nice! Love the little flowers too!

I'm going to be out for a week. Will keep praying for Cindy. You tell me all about the great news on her when i'm back.

Take care!

Flying high in the sky.... said...

that photograph with your so charming and nice...and am sooooooooo happy cindy is back .. i have been praying for her EVERY day.... will keep praying for her till i get the good news of her complete recovery...take care and keep smiling :)

Grammy said...

Hi, Julie,
Thanks for stopping by my blog! I can see how very busy you are..I will be back to see you. Thanks for leaving a very sweet comment, too. Best regards to you and your family. Your dad and Justin look like real sweetie pies! Happy Birthday to Justin! I have a grandson named Matthew Justin, who is getting married in a few weeks in Texas.
Bye for now.

Kim said...

Phew! What a day!! Love the picture of you with your dad - that's awesome!

SueDohNihm said...

It is good to hear Cindy is getting a bit stronger. Though I hate how the insurance companies dictate the doctors at times. You and her are still in our prayers along with your family.

I love the picture of you and your daddy.

Thank you for continuing to pop in over at my blog when you can. Between you and Kristy, it's nice to find a couple sisters in Christ. And you both inspire me :-)

God Bless!