Thursday, April 1, 2010

The beginning….

Well I’m getting started for the kids Easter break. Today I made the kids their baskets and then Justin helped me stuff them.. They are made from envelopes. Of course I can’t find where I got the idea but it’s not mine so please don’t get upset if it’s yours and I didn’t say your name. I just copied the idea and then took it a bit further and decorated them my way. So here’s what I did….

Easter bags

We also got the eggs ready for the Egg Hunt and the Pinwheels too. We are doing that this afternoon when they get home from their early out at school. It’s suppose to rain tomorrow sometime so wanted to be sure we got the outside stuff done and enjoyed before that.

Right now I am boiling up 5 dozen eggs to decorate tomorrow. It’s a good thing I get my own eggs. Some of them white, some green and the rest brown but I sold the brown ones and kept the rest. Our duck has started laying too so I have 4 of them to blow out and decorate special. I try and do one for each kid but since I have 6 kids and 4 eggs will just do the kids all together per family on an egg. I know they’ll love it no matter what and I’ll share when they are getting done tomorrow.

I made their bags a part of my table decor, it’s pretty cute and colorful for them and their fun tomorrow.


With 6 kids at the table I need to keep it pretty small and easy to move so this worked out perfectly.

So now my two little ones are napping and I’m going to head outside and hide the eggs and pinwheels. I think I have it so each one can have 4 stuffed eggs and a pinwheel each and then tomorrow they’ll have their goodies and all the eggs they decorate. And the big thing I make sure of is that they know Easter isn’t all bunnies and candy, it’s Christ and his journey for us. We read a book each year called the First Easter and then there’s always the question answer part after the book. I find it hard at times to read the book because of all the Jesus did for us but I think it also teaches the kids that it was something hard and we need to know how terrible it was but how great the outcome and why.

So there will be more pictures either tomorrow or Saturday sharing their day with you.

Take care my friends and have a great and blessed afternoon.


SueDohNihm said...

I miss my kids being little at times and doing fun things like this. Now I'm lucky to get them to color an egg or 2. But I still set out a small trinket for them on Easter morning.

Feeling Just Right said...

Awww Julie! That is beautiful stuff! I didn't really understand the part about boiling 5 dozen eggs. All the glitter decorated eggs are boiled? Really? Won't they get spoiled? (Sorry if my Question is dumb- i'm just a little ignorant here. But i'd love for you to answer that. Thank you!)

When i read your stories with your day care kids in them, i miss my creche lady damn bad. She is old now and her adopted son and wife treat her extremely bad. I don't want to make this comment sad.

I would LOVE to see pictures. All you blogger buddies are doing so much for Easter. I never knew so much happens though i went to a Convent school and that stalker friend of 19 years was Catholic. Oh, but i went to the mid-night mass last year for Good Friday. It was very sad.

Educate me on this, will you?

Nf1andprek-whisper said...

so fun!!!!