Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Garden Swap anyone?

I had so much fun with the Easter swap that I talked with Jerrica and she agreed to teach me how to host a swap. Now remember this is my first and I might screw up, I’ll try not to but please be patient and if you know something I don’t please teach me.

So starting now until the 12th of April you can sign up here in my comment section to play along. On the 13th I will send out a survey for you to complete telling your upcoming swap partner what you like and don’t and if you have any preference to anything. There will be a $20.00 limit and if that means one thing or 5 it doesn’t matter. I’ll need the surveys back by the 16th so that I can get them already to put together to pick out your partner. I’ll send you your partner and their survey on the 17th and it’s all up to you after that. I’d like for you to have your shopping, packaging and shipping all done on or before the 26th so that by May 1st everyone has received their goodies. When it’s all over I’ll get one of the McKlinky’s were you can post from your blog the goodies you got. Now does that sound reasonable, doable to everyone? I sure do hope so. I am also going to partake in this swap. I just can’t do all the work and not play too.

You can cut and paste this button unto your blog if you wish too and link it back to this post and we’ll just see how many great people we get to participate.

Garden Fairy 

Good luck everyone and I do hope that this all comes together the way I’m wishing it will.

Oh by the way, like the garden fairy, Kim made this and she said I could “borrow” it for my garden swap. I saw her and thought she was perfect for this. Thank you Kim for sharing.

So take care everyone and have a most blessed, wonderful afternoon.

I almost forgot, if you aren't a blogger and want to do this, just e-mail me at and you can be part of this too. It's not a problem, I want this available to any and everyone that wants to do this.


Shannon said...

Julie this looks like such a cute idea but I won't be able to sorry sweetie..but looks like so much fun!

Kim said...

Count me in - that sounds like fun!!

Julie said...

For anyone that's worried about shipping international or Canada. I will ask on the survey if anyone is willing to pay for international shipping and I am sure some won't mind. I know I didn't mind when I did a Christmas gift exchange and sent some goodies to Australia. I just figured some of this shipping cost into my package. So please sign up if you want too.
Have fun my friends.

Anonymous said...

Haha! That answered my Question! But i guess i'll be entitled to enter this swap only once i stop living off my parents! (that is two years later- ouch!)

But i love the idea. So, i am going to watch out from the stands. Keep me entertained ;)


Count me in! Blessings!