Thursday, March 25, 2010

Finished my eggs….

Well this batch anyways. I found eggs at Brainerd Crafts (I wish either Michael’s or Craft Direct or something big would come and bring us a huge craft store or that our smaller craft stores could offer more) but not exactly what I wanted but they ended up working just fine. They were the size you’d use for decorating with bird nests and then they had two bigger ones in wood so got them and I had 5 that came from beginner chickens that we just dry and keep for misc projects and here’s what they all turned out like. I love them and they look so cool on my table.



I don’t do to much for decorating but like to have some pretties for my table.

The kids and I will make an egg tree next week but not sure if will use eggs or just cut out egg shapes and let them decorate them. We’ll see.

My daddy and I took a walk last night and here’s what we saw down on their lake.


As you can see it’s still cold here and the ice is still on the lakes but the creeks are opening and the swans, geese and ducks are coming back. We also got to see green grass at our neighbors artesian well. It’s a constant flowing well. It never freezes so there’s always fresh water any time of day or season. Daddy has two of them and we have one.

100_1419 100_1418

This morning is was zero when I got up, it might look like spring, start feeling like spring but this morning it’s not.

So I’m off today. Going to take my mama shopping. I broke my sewing machine bobbin holder so have to see if I can get a replacement for that. I would really love if Jim would get me a new machine for my birthday this year but money isn’t flowing too good here so maybe just a new bobbin for now.

So take care my friends and have a blessed day today. God Bless you all!!!


Kim said...

The eggs are soooooo pretty!!!!

Kim said...

The eggs are soooooo pretty!!!!

Mom vs. the boys said...

the eggs are really great, I was almost going to buy a bigger version of those, how did you make them?

Stefany said...

Hey, come over to my site. I have something to share with you. :)

Anonymous said...

Your easter eggs look gorgeous! They are so sparkly and colorful. What fun!

I love that you take care of the kids, take mama shopping and take daddy for walks! Good girl!

The artesian well is something i've never seen. Nice!

Do let me know when your birthday is here, i'd hate to not wish you then! (for this birthday, your best gift is going to be the weight you're losing! Watch!)