Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Short blogging break….

Guys I have to take a break. I am tired at looking at my computer. I have the start of a cold, am just plain tired and a bit bored with blogging, it’s not really boredom from blogging I think just tired of typing and what not.

I’ll be back this weekend or early next week and I promise to have some goodies to share with you. Kim is coming over on Friday and we are going to make some spring things and she’s going to show me an easy file system and I’ll share these with you. I think I also want to work on my end table so will share what I have done with that when I get back.

It’s just that time for a short break. I hope my cold doesn’t get bad and I can perk up a bit. I am taking some of Terri’s homeopathic tinctures for my cold. She has elderberry stuff and a super tonic that I take 3 times a day and though it tastes pretty nasty I know that in a day or two I’ll be fine.

Take care my friends and I’ll be back to bug you in your google reader or whatever it is that you find me in. God bless you all!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Julie!

Hope the cold gets better and that blogging gets less bugging soon ;)

Enjoy your break while you're at it!

Take care.

p.s. remember to have lots of warm stuff.

Anonymous said...

I certainly understand. I haven't been doing it for more than 3 months and am really considering just deleting my blog. I am just not cut out to having one. I hope you enjoy your week and just relax girl :)

Brittney said...

enjoy your break hope you feel better