Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Remember the Easter Swap?

My post on the Easter Swap... Well today I received my 1/2 of the Easter Swap. First I have to tell you the friendship, the fun, the challenge, the excitement and the gift…it was so worth it all. I had so much fun getting my goodies to send off and chatting with Natalie along the way made this such a great idea. Natalie at the adventures of Paul and Natalie was my swap partner and I’d have to say she’s a pretty terrific lady.

So I won’t make you wait any longer, see what I got….


The host of this Easter Swap was Jerrica at Something to talk about and if you click on the link I just added you can see all the different swaps that took place. Not all of them are in yet but by Saturday everyone should of gotten and link they goodies.

Thank you to both Jerrica and Natalie. I have to say I had a blast.

Now have a blessed Easter. The good Lord has giving us so much to be thankful for.


Stefany said...

What fun! It looks like you got some great stuff. :)

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a blessed Easter too :)

Colima said...

You got a bunch of great stuff!

Natalie A. said...

Thanks, Julie! I had alot of fun and it was great being partners! Keep in touch!!

Nf1andprek-whisper said...

holy cow your swapper put a lot in more than i put in my families LOL
I am hoping to send you 5 things for cinco de mayo
I am thinking creatively