Monday, March 22, 2010

Oh I got a great craft for this week….

And I thought Martha was all about things I couldn’t do. Well I’m learning. I saw the neatest idea for eggs so yesterday I went on the hunt for eggs. I remember long ago you could buy wooden eggs in a bag that were different sizes. Well guess not where I’m from because I couldn’t find them at Wal-mart or Ben Franklin crafts in Brainerd. I ended up with 2 large wooden eggs and then some plastic kind but not the kids Easter egg kind, just the kind you’d find in pretend nests. So I’m going to work with them this afternoon along with some tiny dried eggs from here (beginner chickens lay the cutest tiniest eggs and we just collected them and let them dry up. There aren’t yokes in those little eggs so while they are drying they really don’t stink like a big egg would left out). I can’t tell you what I’m doing exactly but I’m hoping that they turn out as good as the one Martha shows. I’ll share when I get started and then you’ll see.

Mike brought home my little bag of Easter decorations. We don’t decorate to much for Easter because for me it’s not the bunny it’s the Lord’s day but with daycare little ones we have to have some. We are going to make the Sock Bunnies to I told you about. Naomi is stopping by the Dollar Store for me today and picking up a package of them.

In two weeks we’ll be getting our baby chicks so then I’ll take some pictures of my daycare kids for Easter. I try and take pictures each year for the parents and save them a bit of money. I’m not a bad photographer so sometimes the pictures are priceless. If for some reason we don’t get chicks before I need to take pictures we’ll go and “borrow” a baby goat and take some with that. I may also see if Terri has any baby bunnies by then, now that would be a cute picture too, baby bunnies and goats. I’ll check with her this week and see what’s happening.

Today we put away all the winter toys and bring out the summer ones. Get the bikes ready to roll all the Tonka stuff out and just maybe this coming weekend I can go get a load of sand for the new sandbox. We have one huge one but am going to make a smaller one for the wee ones.

Well the week is off and running so that means I had better be too. It’s time for eggs and sausages for breakfast and then we’ll be heading outside.

Take care my friends and I do hope that you have the most blessed day possible. I’ll post my project later on and show you what’s happening here. Click here if you want just an idea what I’m going to try.  Glittered eggs  then while there, check out the slide show and see all the other ideas I really want to try too.

God Bless you all!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Julie!

I've got another blogger friend who has posted about what she is doing for Easter (she is also doing the Martha thing)

I thought i'll leave you the link, should it help.

Loads of love.