Monday, March 1, 2010

Two done…two to go..(well more then that)…

I finished the chair. It turned out so cool I am amazed. Remember this?…


Here it is, all done. All that we need now is spring so I can put a planter on it with ivy and baby breath growing.


I think it would be fine for a chair but I’m not a carpenter and couldn’t promise it would hold my fat behind and I wiggle so much I think it would just be better as a plant holder. I have had visions of this since I saw the chain in a scrap pile at Marks. When I get the plant and what not I’ll share the finally part with you.

Remember I told you mama and daddy were remodeling their bathroom. Well mama and I found a couple cool things at the thrift store and though I can’t show you all yet (I will when we create their new space on Thursday) I did redo a shelf that was pretty tacky when we got it. I have a picture on my cell phone but for some stupid reason it won’t let me download it so I can’t show you the before pictures but I can show you the after ones..



So that leave the end table, my frame and my patchwork quilt for upcoming projects. Oh and I bought Carbide drill bits because I want to try and drill through stone/rocks. Oh the ideas that run around in my head. And I can blame some of it on Kim because when I get stuck I ask the Ubercrafter (that’s Kim…by the way have you stopped by her blog lately, she’s been pretty busy). 

Now it’s onward and upward to my after school kids, boy scouts tonight and ….well I’m not sure what but I bet there will be something.

Take care my friends and have the most splendid and blessed evening.


Jodi said...

You are SO crafty!!!! I wish I had 1/10 of your talent. I wind up gluing my fingers together!!!

Good luck tomorrow!!!!!!! :)

G-Zell said...

Cool. Great job!