Tuesday, March 16, 2010

St. Patties day…

It’s tomorrow and I’m a bad daycare mom, we didn’t make anything at all. I put up a tiny bit of garland and that’s all. And our name is Riley….now that’s bad. I’m not Irish but Jim and Mike are but I don’t think either of them care what I do to this house as long as they can find their chairs, find the bathroom and find food. I know Justin and Hannah don’t care as long as we are doing something fun so this time this holiday can come and go and we’ll just start on Easter next week.

Kari’s daughter brought over some cool sock bunnies that Kari shared on her blog, I think that is something the little ones and I can make and take home next week. I bet I can even find kid socks at the Dollar Store and I already have everything else we’d need to do them.

Sock Hop

Of course we’ll do eggs and I think I’m going to see what I can find for either paper ones or foam ones the kids can paint to put on a egg tree. We don’t do to much because Easter IS NOT about the Easter bunny and all that stuff, it’s about Christ dying for us and raising up so that we can except him, follow him and one day go and live with him. I do teach that part of Easter to the kids too so they get a bit of this and that and it’s up to the parents to take it all further if they want too.

I am going to try and work on a Tablescape. Karin over at the Style Sisters has send me the most beautiful light blue napkin ring holders and I promised to make a tablescape with them. Boy did I make a big promise. For me I don’t have fancy things here. We have mostly just your normal every day things, I do have a nice set of dishes my mama got me a couple of years ago that I can use but no napkins, no table clothe, no candle holders, no stemware …. any of that stuff to make it but I didn’t tell Karin when I’d get it done so I will search the thrift stores, maybe mama’s house and Kim’s house and see what I can come up with. I’d like to do something springy or summery so we’ll just see. I’ll keep you posted and show you what I finally come up with. I had e-mailed my aunt Pat because she has the most beautiful house and I knew she’d know something about it and she gave me a few really neat ideas to work in.

But all in all guys that’s about all that’s happening. Oh there is one really super cool thing, Mike bought his first new car this past weekend and tomorrow will go and get it. He is so excited and I will take a picture of it and share with you all. It’s a 1991 Chevy Suburban, 4x4. Did you know that we already own 3 other 1990 Chevy Suburban’s?  There’s marshmallow, it’s the rustiest, most wore out one and rides like your sitting on a marshmallow. There’s my winter sub, it’s 4x4, 1/2 ton with plenty of rust on it and then there’s my summer sub, it’s also a 4x4, 3/ ton but came from Las Vega and hasn’t a spick of rust on it so it sits all winter long waiting for the roads to get cleaned off of all that salt plus it’s the one I had the accident with last year and still needs to make it into the shop to have the rear doors replaces. It really wasn’t my accident but I was part of it. A young man and his two friends were busy chatting away and miss that fact that the light was still red and no one was moving so creamed us at at least 30 mph. No one was hurt except the muscle aches later on so a blessing there, just his truck was toast, mine just the rear doors and the van in front of me his hatch was never going to open up again because the truck hit me hard enough to push me into the van. I didn’t have any front end damage so that was good. This is also why I am so happy that Mike decided to get a suburban. He’ll be safe in there from just about anything on the road, at least same size or less. Oh one more thing, since it’s a Chevy (as you can tell that’s what we like) they all have at least 150,000 miles on them and the one with the most has almost 300,000 and is still going strong. There’s also  2 1989 blazers, 2 1988 1 ton trucks, 1 1949 Chev fire truck and 1 1962 Chev fire truck. We’d make a great Chevy commercial.

Take care my friends and have a blessed afternoon. Happy St. Patrick’s day to anyone that celebrates it or enjoys it. God Bless you all!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Julie! Happy St. Patrick's Day to you and your family.

Congratulations to Mike on his new Chevy! That is great!

None of the houses here- or maybe very few of them- have table cloths and napkins and stuff- so breathe- they aren't exactly needed for survival. I don't know how i sound to the rest of them who read this- ha! whatever.

Are we lad that nothing happened to you in that accident- the stories you come up with, make your life sound so adventurous. Hope the car mends well.