Friday, March 19, 2010

Truck Driving Friday….


Well it’s Friday again and it’s another episode of Truck Driving Friday.

Have any of you been to Disney on Ice? You know like the Icescapes but with the Disney crew? Well for about 6 months Jim and I worked with them. We started out just hauling their trailers from city to city on Mondays/Tuesday and then sitting on our buts for 5 days waiting to go again to the next city. Well if anyone knows you can’t work two days a week and make a living so we talked to dispatch and the the crew of Disney on Ice and if we couldn’t haul something in-between times we couldn’t stay with them. That didn’t work for dispatch or Disney because they needed a guarantee that there would be someone to haul that trailer to the next city on time. So we became guards, security guards. We worked 12 hour shifts, Jim nights me days, that is unless Jim wanted to go out with Danny (he was another driver that only needed to work 2 days a week and enjoyed play time). Another story, another time.

Do you remember the show that you went too? Was is Snow White on Ice? If it was that was our show. Do you know that for 6 months, 4 days each week, 3 shows per day we were there. We could tell you word for word what was going to be said, what move they were going to be making, what moved they missed, what move they changed. We got to know each and everyone of the skaters and families and we became their family. For awhile we lived in our truck for each week while working or not. After about the third week or so of hauling for them, being security for them, becoming part of the Disney family they took us in, each time we got to a new city there was room for us, a place to stay and always our dog was included. Try this on for size, downtown Denver Colorado, a grand Holiday Inn and here we are truck drivers…nothing fancy but we are going in and out the front door with our 125 lb Malamute named Bear. People look, people watch but we are welcomed. It felt good to become part of their family. We were there for Thanksgiving, for Christmas, for Easter and then they were done in the United States and were heading to Japan. They invited us to come with them but that just wasn’t for us but it was great to be asked.

I can still remember Pete and Darlene’s names, they were Snow White and the Prince. Heather was the Wicked Witch and all the dwarfs were very young ladies, very petite ladies. You know how hard they worked and practiced every week to bring everyone that show. Each day they skated for at least 2 hours each, (not including the 3 shows per day, 2 hours each) working, practicing and working together to make sure everything was timed perfectly. They would add or subtract a move to improve the show. They were always working on costumes, sets and we were right they helping them too. I even learned to skate with them. Oh I could always kind of skate but Jim went and bought me a new pair of skates to work out with them. 

It was another one of life’s adventures driving truck. Wouldn’t trade it for anything at all.

So that’s that. It’s the start of a great weekend. Take care my friends. God Bless you all!!!


Jodi said...

That sounded like so much fun!!! Too bad you couldn't go to Japan. Can you imagine the stories you'd come back with??

Sorry I've been a stranger. I've had the week from hell. I am totally drained. Tomorrow I get to spend the day with Larry though! Yay! Then Saturday I'm meeting up with my sister. I didn't stop all week! Ugh

I hope you are well and blessed my friend!! Check out my blog..I got to meet Joel Osteen today!

Kim said...

What a wonderful memory and special time in your lives!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! All of that hard work made me sweat just thinking about it. Backstage isn't a very cushy life eh? Hmmm. Will remember.

I love your adventures! (I know i've told you that) Disney sounds so special!

p.s. i'm not surprised you became family to them- you are such a warm person, if i'd see you for real, i'd jump out and hug you!

Anonymous said...

You had such great truck driving adventures! Makes me want to start truck driving with my hubby.

Mom vs. the boys said...

Wow that is really cool, I've been to a couple of those shows here in Canada, can't wait until my boys are old enough to take.
I have an award for you over on my site