Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Did you know….

That you can spend a whole day on two small crafts? That’s what I did. Oh I did get the chores done, the house picked up and a good supper made but other then that I worked on these…


I just used 1/4” plywood and the scroll saw and cut them out from a pattern I got from Kim's blog. You’ve got to go there and see her creation. Anyway, It took me a good chunk of the morning to cut out these pieces. The bunnies weren’t to bad but the other little ones, well it took me awhile.

Here’s the finish project. I didn’t do one of the bunnies, gonna save that for Rachel to do and if anyone else decides they want one I’ll cut out more.



I used scrapbook paper and Mod Podge, glitter and a piece of yarn, oh and wood glue to put it all together. I think they turned out pretty good. Mama was here today and I think she’d like the chicken and my sister collects bunnies so I’m sure he can find a home there. That is unless I decide to keep them that is.

So that was how I spend my childless day. No one to talk to on the phone, Kim was gone, mama and daddy had business, Brenda was off so it was me, myself and I and you know, I wasn’t to bad a company. It was really quiet though and I think next time it’s just me like that I’ll turn on the radio, but otherwise it was a great day. Back to work tomorrow.

Take care my friends, have a great evening and nights rest. Tomorrow is a new day, less just see how great we can make it. God Bless you all!


Angela said...

Those are so very cute!!!

Anonymous said...


That is INCREDIBLE stuff! My eyes popped RIGHT OUT! How in the world did you cut those? I am SO VERY PROUD of you!

I'm clapping, cheering and whistling here!

Kim said...

Yup - I did know that you could spend a whole day on two little crafts...but isn't it FUN!!! You did a wonderful job - love your chicken and bunny!!!