Monday, March 29, 2010

The moon was beautiful last night…

Was anyone outside last evening and looking up? We were burning last night since the burning ban goes on today and while stirring the pile of hay and what not I was watching the moon come up. It was so beautiful.

  100_1468       100_1467

Burning is not a glamour job but it’s spring and what better way to make sure the ticks aren’t as heavy. Between the chickens and ducks and burning we barely ever get a tick and that goes for the dog and cat too. We’ve already lost a dog to Lyme’s Disease so we now make sure they are protected and have the yard taken care of.


This weekend was busy. We did an Eagle Project for our Local Food Shelf. Alex B. was the man in charge and he did such a great job on his project. Look at the turn out and how much we got. It was just a perfect project. He netted 840 lbs of food. I am so proud of him and the scouts. As you can see my daycare little ones were there too. I couldn’t miss something that important for Alex and Jon wanted so to be part of it so we went and he was able to walk a block and pick up 4 huge bags of groceries.

 100_1429         100_1436

We also went bowling when done and I bowled a whole 91, aren’t I good…..NOT!!!  :o) we had such a blast.

Now it’s back to work today. I have my two and we are about ready to head outside. It’s 40* and suppose to get to 60 something. I am so ready for it to be here and stay. I think we’ll get rid of the chick and chuck house from last winter and get the brooder box out and ready for baby chicks starting the weekend after Easter. I don’t know if I’m going to do the incubator this year or not. We’ll see just how much chicks cost when we got to Grand Rapids.

So my friends. Take care and have a most blessed and adventuresome day. God Bless you all.


Kim said...

Oh - the moon was so pretty! I didn't see it - that's a bummer! Might have to have you throw a couple chickens over my fence this summer - are there any that don't eat flowers or veggies? :)

PS - I tried to post this don't think it worked - I'll try clicking preview a couple times instead of post -

SueDohNihm said...

I miss living in the country. I'm not in a huge city but it's city enough to make you forget to look up once in awhile. Loved the moon picture. :-)

Anonymous said...

You never cease to amaze me, Julie. You have such a good heart in helping others. Thanks also for sharing the beautiful moon with us!


Anonymous said...

The moon looks gorgeous in those pictures! Turn photographer Julie- i'm telling you.

You look quite fit in that picture- where's all the weight you keep talking of?

Those are a lot of bags of groceries. I like that you do so many pictures. Very cute.