Friday, March 5, 2010

Remember I told you…

That Kim was coming over for a visit today and we were going to putze a bit. Well, we putzed a lot. She brought her stamp pads and stamps over for me to finish up the front of my frame. You really can’t see the stamping to well in the picture but it’s there. Now all I have to do is finish up the hanger and picture holder part on the back and I’ll be ready to hang it.


She brought over bread dough so we made Mike homemade cinnamon rolls. I say “we” but really she did all the work, all I had to do was bake them. Of course my little ones had to “help” too. I had pictures of all three of them working on the rolls but accidently deleted them, now that royally bites because it was such a cute picture. But here’s the rolls.


Then she taught me how to make a take along filing system. She started me off with the how to’s and left me to get it done. Hers is better looking but mine will work.

101_1768 101_1766

We had a great time, I so love it when she comes to visit. I think we need to make it a regular routine her coming here and teaching me things.

The other night I was cutting out chicks on a stick. I got the idea and pattern from Holly and then did my own thing. I love how they turned out and may just have to make some more. Brenda stopped and really liked them so just may have to make her a couple.


I also did this. I got a sample of Koshi Cereal in the mail and just loved the box it came in so I recovered it and now it’ll make a perfect gift box for Rachel's birthday coming up. That is if I can part with it.

101_1717_00 101_1720

101_1719  101_1724

And last but not least….

Mama and I finished decorating her downstairs basement. It started out like this….


And ended up like this…

101_1736 101_1741

The total cost of the redo was $30.00. The Thrift store finds, the shelf I redid, the candle thingy's, the ivy, agates and all was less then $5.00 and the little creatures were the rest of the budget but hey, there were just to cute to turn down.

101_1744 101_1746

Since I haven’t sat on my computer for a good chunk of the evening I was able to get my end table taken apart and sanded and now will figure out how to use my router and then add the 1/2 marbles, grout, bar coat and put it all back together. That will be another day and time but hopefully before spring gets here.

So my friends, that’s that here at the Life of Riley’s. I’ll be back to pester you next week sometime. I’m thinking it’s a great time to go to Terri’s and see the baby calves and to Mark’s and see the baby goats. Soon it’ll be time for baby chicks and ducks. Spring is coming. Just think it’ll be time to start the gardening soon (well for us another 3+ months but it’s still not that far off).

Take care and God Bless!!!


Kim said...

I love your take-a-long file! It looks so much BETTER than mine - good job!! Your mama's bathroom also looks cute - I bet she is so pleased. Let me know how the rolls are - or lie if you have to :) - take care - Love you!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Julie!

Glad to have you back! I can't start to think where to begin.

The cinnamon rolls just made me voraciously hungry. They look gorgeous. Please do not reply to tell me they taste gorgeous too- because then i'm going to have a fit.

Is that filing system cute or what? Why weren't you the craft teacher in my school? The chicks are cute, the gift box is CUTER. Beautiful job you did there! HOW??

About the basement- need i say more? - warm and homey.

A whole lot of info on the happenings in your life here- fun!

Mom vs. the boys said...

I love what you did with that box! great idea!

Holly said...

You have been busy! Your chicks look FABULOUS! Your other projects are great too!