Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mike is 18 today….

Today is a post all about my son. I started this yesterday because I get teary eyed thinking that time has gone by so fast. I don’t have regrets though about not doing this or that because Mike and I have always done lots together. I don’t have regrets for being the mom I am, sometimes harsh, sometime mean, sometimes pathetic, sometimes crabby, sometimes naughty but always caring, supportive, loving. Mike is my world. Jim and Mike make my life so wonderful. Since I found out I was pregnant I knew that this was going to be the best thing that could of ever happened.

Meet Michael James…he was born at 6:30am by c-section. He came to us a very big boy, never had one of those tiny boys you get to hide under your coat. He was 10lbs 2 oz and 23.5 inches long. He came with size 3 feet. Not a single baby outfit I had fit him, none of those cute tiny diapers fit him and when I first breast fed him he filled up my arms from side to side.


Mike was suppose to be born the end of January but he just wasn’t interested and the doctor figured no point in rushing him so I cooked him until March 2nd. In the end that wasn’t the greatest for either of us. Mike was born with a few breathing problems and I couldn’t have him like normal because he was just to big.

Meet Mike at a month old..


Mike was super easy baby, after his 2nd week he slept though the night, he was awake for 12 hours and slept for 12 hours.

At less the 5 months Mike was eating food. See…


He also wasn’t about to sit still….


At 6 months Mike was “helping” grandpa with the backhoe…


Notice the gray bear, Mike’s now 7 months old now…


At 9 months old he got his first car…


And Mike’s 1st birthday…


My pictures could go on and on and on but I’m sure you’ve seen enough little ones….

Here’s Mike now at 18 ….today….


He has accomplished so much in his 18 years. He has been on the B honor roll more then off. He loves the outdoors with hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, canoeing, traveling. He’s great at any math problem and can weld anything that his dad asks him. He can help rebuild an engine, do auto body work and buckle up a wiggle little one in any car seat I have. He loves my daycare kids as his little bothers and sisters. He has fed each and everyone of them from babyhood on, he carries, plays, hides, treats them like his own. Oh he can be naughty to them too but what “brother” isn’t. Mike has worked with is dad and grandpa since a toddler and has worked for pay since he was 14. He loves being with his dad and grandpa at the family store and is turning into quite the business man. He has been a Tiger Cub, Cub Scout, Boy Scout and and Eagle Scout. He’s president of their newly formed Venture Crew 52 (a part of boy scouts). He’s a brotherhood member in the Order of the Arrow (another part of scouting). He’s been a den chief, librarian, assistant patrol leader, senior assistant patrol leader. Mike earned 52 merit badges in his scouting career. That’s 6 palms and also the most that anyone in our troop has ever earned. Mike has volunteered more then 1000 hours in his life and continues to do so to now. Mike graduates this June 4th and then will follow in his father footsteps for a year before he’s decided on exactly what he wants to do with life. He is thinking about taking welding at the community college so that if he wants to stay with the store he will have extra knowledge that will come in handy but first some experience in the outside world.

Mike makes me proud beyond belief. He’s my son, playmate, supporter, helper and so much more. I thank God every single day he gave me Mike. Mike’s a homebody and hasn’t stretched his wings to much with going and doing without me but the time will come and he’ll be off and running and though I’ll be a bit sad inside I will be so happy on the outside that he’s doing what he wants to do. I’m not worried about his life to come as it’s a one day at a time thing and Mike worries enough for us both. Mike is a worrywart at times, wishy washy some times but when he figures things out he goes full force and takes care of it.

I can’t wait for what the next 18 years will bring but I would like them to slow down just a little bit because I’m pretty sure this first 18 flew by way to fast.

Thank you for letting me share my only son with you. He is my pride and joy and I love him so very, very much.


Kim said...

Happy Birthday to Mike - I just can't believe how he's grown... Just keep telling yourself, I will not cry, I will not cry, I will not cry...

Mom vs. the boys said...

That is beautiful! I love his first car, what little boy wouldn't want to take a ride in that! You give me hope that my boys will stay close with their mama for years and years to come, even when they are 18 and dare I say, a man!?! I always thought I needed a girl to be friends with in the older years, reading this makes me feel like I'll be just fine with my boys!