Sunday, March 7, 2010

Truck Driving Friday…a bit late…



As you know I took a few days off from blogging and total forgot about Truck Driving Friday so I’m going to post one here but it’s just going to be a short one and then I’ll be better this coming Friday.

Oh I have a good one to share.

While our truck was having a new engine put in it we drove for another friend of ours. We ended up in a cab over. That’s where the engine is under the cab and not like our truck with the engine out front. Sorta like driving in a fish bowl.

Any who, it was dark, Jim was sleeping and I missed my turn so I’m about to turn around in a propane dealerships parking lot and it’s a down hill driveway and in front of me is a huge propane tank i2 jpg but it’s not a problem that is until Jim feels me slowing down, wakes up and peaks his head out of the bunk and proceeds to scream, I hit the brakes, he hits the windshield, he yells pretty sure he’s going to die and I’m not breathing to great. Here’s what he thought, he felt me turn, didn’t understand why, took a peak out and saw the truck heading right for the propane tank, thought maybe I’d fallen asleep, screamed and hit the window. Can you imagine what was going though his mind? He was scared to death. He said he saw his life flash before his eyes. Me I was just doing my job, miss a turn and was turning around. After we both caught our breaths, got situated and headed back to the drop off Jim was wide awake for a full day before he could relax. To look back at it, it’s funny but at that time….well let’s say Jim will never ever forget that day, nor will I.

Enough for today. Just a snack before next Friday.

Take care and have a great and blessed Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness quite a scare for you both!!! I've had moments like that with road trips. Not fun.

Anonymous said...

"Ouch", i'd say! Glad he didn' grab the steering wheel from you thinking you were suicidal/homicidal causing more harm. Scary.

Jodi said...

I think I would have woken up scared too. I'd be thinking...PROPANE!!!! I bet you both will never forget that day!!

(I'd probably need a clean pair of underwear too after the incident!)