Saturday, March 6, 2010

Don’t forget too….

The Groschen Goblin’s St. Patties give away. You can click on the side bar poster and it'll take you right to them.

Just thought I’d remind you just in case you’ve forgotten. I think I’ve enter just about every one of the Groschen Goblin’s give aways.

Take care and have a great evening. God Bless my friends.


Jodi said...

Popping in to say HELLO my friend. I am SO tired. Julie..I really think I made my 10,000 steps today. We went to a HUGE mall with 4 levels and we walked them all, more than once. We got home late. I can barely keep my eyes open!! LOL! -- Wanted to make sure I said hello. TTYL my friend. God bless you always!

Anonymous said...

Hey Julie!

I have a question. Do these give aways actually happen? I'm sure they do- silly Question. I'm just starting to hear of them, that's all. Thinking aloud- don't mind :)